Community Relations and Evangelism


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The role of the Community Relations and Evangelism Committee is enshrined in the Mission Statement of the Church: “Expanding God’s Work in His Kingdom through Joyful Worship, Witness, Education and Outreach.”

The Committee will initiate and foster interaction between the Church and the community. Broadly, the Committee fulfills its role by researching and adopting best practices in engaging its membership, as particular situations warrant, with community organizations and institutions.

The Committee shall:

  1. Identify and cultivate relationships with relevant community personnel, such as politicians and political groups, safety and health, religious personnel, and appropriate resource personnel, when different challenging situations arise.
  2. Encourage the participation of its members and the Rector in the life of the community, by aligning with relevant community groups such as the Fire Department and the NYPD.
  3. Supervise all outreach ministries in the Church to ensure their proper functioning according to all agreed policies and procedures.
  4. Be the liaison where community action is required in such areas as: low-income housing, public education, day care programs, at risk youth programs, nursing home programs, the senior center outreach, and communication processes.
  5. Publicize the needs and concerns of the local community in the Church.
  6. Work with the Communications and Media, and the Buildings and Grounds Committees to ensure that the outdoor signage is properly maintained.
  7. Coordinate the bus and/or alternative transportation programs whenever necessary.
  8. Support all Church Organizations in their local community initiatives.
  9. Work with the Rector and the Assistant Treasurer in the continued development and execution of the Humanitarian Fund.
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