Communications and Media


Holy Eucharist on Sundays - 9:30 am (Sanctuary/Online) / Christian Education - 11 am (Zoom) / Holy Eucharist on Wednesdays - 10 am (Sanctuary and Zoom) / Wednesday Bible Study - 7:30 pm (Zoom) (Log in information is at Social Media Platforms at 'ABOUT US')

The Communications and Media Committee shall supervise, monitor and make recommendations to the Vestry concerning all internal and external communications and marketing for the Church and its programs. 

The Committee’s functions shall promote camaraderie with the Episcopal Community, keep members informed, convey the value of membership, provide information of interest to members that communicate who we are, what we are doing, and that they are welcomed to join us.

The Committee shall:

  1. Be responsible for the media ministry of the Church as it relates to the Website, Facebook, Live streaming, Zoom, YouTube and Teleconference services and their servicing/productivity and maintenance.
  2. Be responsible for determining the most suitable media mix applicable for promoting activities of the Church and preparing an appropriate budget.
  3. Ensure that an adequate number of persons are trained and available to operate all in-house communications equipment, systems and computer-based applications including audio, video and broadcasting.
  4. Review, coordinate and support the development and updating of the Church’s Website, YouTube and Facebook account.
  5. Create a Marketing strategy to increase the visibility of the Church to new members and to increase the membership.
  6. Implement a concept of reaching out to the community and sharing and enhancing the awareness of the Church as a neighbor.
  7. In consultation with the Priest, identify leaders as well as utilize volunteer writers, editors, artists, etcetera for publication of the Parish newsletter.
  8. Submit to the Vestry on a monthly basis a report of all activities.
  9. Meet, as needed, to evaluate, recommend and implement relevant social networking tools for the church.
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